Chapter 3. Configuration

Table of Contents

Configuring the music directory
Configuring database plugins
Configuring input plugins
Configuring decoder plugins
Configuring encoder plugins
Configuring audio outputs
Configuring filters
Configuring playlist plugins
Audio Format Settings
Global Audio Format
Other Settings
The State File
Resource Limitations
Buffer Settings

Configuring the music directory

When you play local files, you should organize them within a directory called the "music directory". This is configured in MPD with the music_directory setting.

By default, MPD follows symbolic links in the music directory. This behavior can be switched off: follow_outside_symlinks controls whether MPD follows links pointing to files outside of the music directory, and follow_inside_symlinks lets you disable symlinks to files inside the music directory.

Instead of using local files, you can use storage plugins to access files on a remote file server. For example, to use music from the SMB/CIFS server "myfileserver" on the share called "Music", configure the music directory "smb://myfileserver/Music".