Mounts and neighbors

A "storage" provides access to files in a directory tree. The most basic storage plugin is the "local" storage plugin which accesses the local file system, and there are plugins to access NFS and SMB servers.

Multiple storages can be "mounted" together, similar to the mount command on many operating systems, but without cooperation from the kernel. No superuser privileges are necessary, beause this mapping exists only inside the MPD process

mount {PATH} {URI}

Mount the specified remote storage URI at the given path. Example:

mount foo nfs://

unmount {PATH}

Unmounts the specified path. Example:

unmount foo


Queries a list of all mounts. By default, this contains just the configured music_directory. Example:

storage: /home/foo/music
mount: foo
storage: nfs://


Queries a list of "neighbors" (e.g. accessible file servers on the local net). Items on that list may be used with the mount command. Example:

neighbor: smb://FOO
name: FOO (Samba 4.1.11-Debian)