Playback options

consume {STATE}

[2] Sets consume state to STATE, STATE should be 0 or 1. When consume is activated, each song played is removed from playlist.

crossfade {SECONDS}

Sets crossfading between songs.

mixrampdb {deciBels}

Sets the threshold at which songs will be overlapped. Like crossfading but doesn't fade the track volume, just overlaps. The songs need to have MixRamp tags added by an external tool. 0dB is the normalized maximum volume so use negative values, I prefer -17dB. In the absence of mixramp tags crossfading will be used. See

mixrampdelay {SECONDS}

Additional time subtracted from the overlap calculated by mixrampdb. A value of "nan" disables MixRamp overlapping and falls back to crossfading.

random {STATE}

Sets random state to STATE, STATE should be 0 or 1.

repeat {STATE}

Sets repeat state to STATE, STATE should be 0 or 1.

setvol {VOL}

Sets volume to VOL, the range of volume is 0-100.

single {STATE}

[2] Sets single state to STATE, STATE should be 0 or 1. When single is activated, playback is stopped after current song, or song is repeated if the 'repeat' mode is enabled.

replay_gain_mode {MODE}

Sets the replay gain mode. One of off, track, album, auto[5].

Changing the mode during playback may take several seconds, because the new settings does not affect the buffered data.

This command triggers the options idle event.


Prints replay gain options. Currently, only the variable replay_gain_mode is returned.

volume {CHANGE}

Changes volume by amount CHANGE.


volume is deprecated, use setvol instead.

[5] added in MPD 0.16