Stored playlists

Playlists are stored inside the configured playlist directory. They are addressed with their file name (without the directory and without the .m3u suffix).

Some of the commands described in this section can be used to run playlist plugins instead of the hard-coded simple m3u parser. They can access playlists in the music directory (relative path including the suffix) or remote playlists (absolute URI with a supported scheme).

listplaylist {NAME}

Lists the songs in the playlist. Playlist plugins are supported.

listplaylistinfo {NAME}

Lists the songs with metadata in the playlist. Playlist plugins are supported.


Prints a list of the playlist directory.

After each playlist name the server sends its last modification time as attribute "Last-Modified" in ISO 8601 format. To avoid problems due to clock differences between clients and the server, clients should not compare this value with their local clock.


Loads the playlist into the current queue. Playlist plugins are supported. A range may be specified to load only a part of the playlist.

playlistadd {NAME} {URI}

Adds URI to the playlist NAME.m3u.

NAME.m3u will be created if it does not exist.

playlistclear {NAME}

Clears the playlist NAME.m3u.

playlistdelete {NAME} {SONGPOS}

Deletes SONGPOS from the playlist NAME.m3u.

playlistmove {NAME} {FROM} {TO}

Moves the song at position FROM in the playlist NAME.m3u to the position TO.

rename {NAME} {NEW_NAME}

Renames the playlist NAME.m3u to NEW_NAME.m3u.

rm {NAME}

Removes the playlist NAME.m3u from the playlist directory.

save {NAME}

Saves the current playlist to NAME.m3u in the playlist directory.