Reporting Bugs

If you believe you found a bug in MPD, report it on the bug tracker.

Your bug report should contain:

MPD crashes

All MPD crashes are bugs which must be fixed by a developer, and you should write a bug report. (Many crash bugs are caused by codec libraries used by MPD, and then that library must be fixed; but in any case, the MPD bug tracker is a good place to report it first if you don't know.)

A crash bug report needs to contain a "backtrace".

First of all, your MPD executable must not be "stripped" (i.e. debug information deleted). The executables shipped with Linux distributions are usually stripped, but some have so-called "debug" packages (package mpd-dbg or mpd-dbgsym on Debian, mpd-debug on other distributions). Make sure this package is installed.

You can extract the backtrace from a core dump, or by running MPD in a debugger, e.g.:

gdb --args mpd --stdout --no-daemon --verbose

As soon as you have reproduced the crash, type "bt" on the gdb command prompt. Copy the output to your bug report.