Chapter 3. Configuration

Table of Contents

The Configuration File
Configuring the music directory
Configuring database plugins
Configuring neighbor plugins
Configuring input plugins
Configuring decoder plugins
Configuring encoder plugins
Configuring audio outputs
Configuring filters
Configuring playlist plugins
Audio Format Settings
Global Audio Format
Other Settings
The State File
The Sticker Database
Resource Limitations
Buffer Settings

The Configuration File

MPD reads its configuration from a text file. Usually, that is /etc/mpd.conf, unless a different path is specified on the command line. If you run MPD as a user daemon (and not as a system daemon), the configuration is read from $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/mpd/mpd.conf (usually ~/.config/mpd/mpd.conf). On Android, mpd.conf will be loaded from the top-level directory of the data partition.

Each line in the configuration file contains a setting name and its value, e.g.:

connection_timeout "5"

For settings which specify a filesystem path, the tilde is expanded:

music_directory "~/Music"

Some of the settings are grouped in blocks with curly braces, e.g. per-plugin settings:

audio_output {
    type "alsa"
    name "My ALSA output"
    device "iec958:CARD=Intel,DEV=0"
    mixer_control "PCM"