Other Settings

metadata_to_use TAG1,TAG2,... Use only the specified tags, and ignore the others. This setting can reduce the database size and MPD's memory usage by omitting unused tags. By default, all tags but comment are enabled. The special value "none" disables all tags.

The State File

The state file is a file where MPD saves and restores its state (play queue, playback position etc.) to keep it persistent across restarts and reboots. It is an optional setting.

MPD will attempt to load the state file during startup, and will save it when shutting down the daemon. Additionally, the state file is refreshed every two minutes (after each state change).

state_file PATH Specify the state file location. The parent directory must be writable by the MPD user (+wx).
state_file_interval SECONDS Auto-save the state file this number of seconds after each state change. Defaults to 120 (2 minutes).

The Sticker Database

"Stickers" are pieces of information attached to songs. Some clients use them to store ratings and other volatile data. This feature requires SQLite, compile-time configure option --enable-sqlite.

sticker_file PATH The location of the sticker database.

Resource Limitations

These settings are various limitations to prevent MPD from using too many resources (denial of service).

connection_timeout SECONDS If a client does not send any new data in this time period, the connection is closed. Clients waiting in "idle" mode are excluded from this. Default is 60.
max_connections NUMBER This specifies the maximum number of clients that can be connected to MPD at the same time. Default is 5.
max_playlist_length NUMBER The maximum number of songs that can be in the playlist. Default is 16384.
max_command_list_size KBYTES The maximum size a command list. Default is 2048 (2 MiB).
max_output_buffer_size KBYTES The maximum size of the output buffer to a client (maximum response size). Default is 8192 (8 MiB).

Buffer Settings

Do not change these unless you know what you are doing.

audio_buffer_size KBYTES Adjust the size of the internal audio buffer. Default is 4096 (4 MiB).
buffer_before_play PERCENT Control the percentage of the buffer which is filled before beginning to play. Increasing this reduces the chance of audio file skipping, at the cost of increased time prior to audio playback. Default is 10%.


If Zeroconf support (Avahi or Apple's Bonjour) was enabled at compile time with --with-zeroconf=..., MPD can announce its presence on the network. The following settings control this feature:

zeroconf_enabled yes|no Enables or disables this feature. Default is yes.
zeroconf_name NAME The service name to publish via Zeroconf. The default is "Music Player".