Input plugins


Allows MPD on Linux to play audio directly from a soundcard using the scheme alsa://. Audio is formatted as 44.1 kHz 16-bit stereo (CD format). Examples:

mpc add alsa:// plays audio from device hw:0,0

mpc add alsa://hw:1,0 plays audio from device hw:1,0


Plays audio CDs using libcdio. The URI has the form: "cdda://[DEVICE][/TRACK]". The simplest form cdda:// plays the whole disc in the default drive.

default_byte_order little_endian|big_endian If the CD drive does not specify a byte order, MPD assumes it is the CPU's native byte order. This setting allows overriding this.


Opens remote files or streams over HTTP using libcurl.

Note that unless overridden by the below settings (e.g. by setting them to a blank value), general curl configuration from environment variables such as http_proxy or specified in ~/.curlrc will be in effect.

proxy Sets the address of the HTTP proxy server.
proxy_user, proxy_password Configures proxy authentication.
verify_peer yes|no Verify the peer's SSL certificate? More information.
verify_host yes|no Verify the certificate's name against host? More information.


Access to various network protocols implemented by the FFmpeg library: gopher://, rtp://, rtsp://, rtmp://, rtmpt://, rtmps://


Opens local files.


Plays streams with the MMS protocol using libmms.


Allows MPD to access files on NFSv3 servers without actually mounting them (i.e. in userspace, without help from the kernel's VFS layer). All URIs with the nfs:// scheme are used according to RFC2224. Example:

mpc add nfs://servername/path/filename.ogg

Note that this usually requires enabling the "insecure" flag in the server's /etc/exports file, because MPD cannot bind to so-called "privileged" ports. Don't fear: this will not make your file server insecure; the flag was named in a time long ago when privileged ports were thought to be meaningful for security. By today's standards, NFSv3 is not secure at all, and if you believe it is, you're already doomed.


Allows MPD to access files on SMB/CIFS servers (e.g. Samba or Microsoft Windows). All URIs with the smb:// scheme are used. Example:

mpc add smb://servername/sharename/filename.ogg