Music Player Daemon

Music Player Daemon (MPD) is a flexible, powerful, server-side application for playing music. Through plugins and libraries it can play a variety of sound files while being controlled by its network protocol.


MPD 0.19.4 and 0.18.18 released

Music Player Daemon 0.19.4 has been released.

It fixes a crash bug that can occur on malformed file names. The ffmpeg decoder now supports the Opus codec, and the opus decoder recognizes more MIME types.

Change log

For conservative users, Music Player Daemon 0.18.18 has been released. It contains backports of the above bug fixes (if applicable). Change log

MPD 0.19.3 released

Music Player Daemon 0.19.3 has been released.

It fixes bugs in the upnp database plugin, the audiofile decoder and the soxr resampler. The opus decoder can now play chained streams.

Change log

MPD 0.19.2 and 0.18.17 released

Music Player Daemon 0.19.2 has been released.

It fixes various bugs: a crash in the faad plugin, playback of redirected streams and streams with query string, negative replay gain values in the mad plugin, problems with native DSD playback. It adds support for *.m3u8 and audio/aacp.

Change log

For conservative users, Music Player Daemon 0.18.17 has been released. It contains backports of the above bug fixes (if applicable). Change log

MPD 0.19.1 released

Music Player Daemon 0.19.1 has been released.

It adds the systemd socket file that was missing in the 0.19 tarball, fixes bugs in the mms input plugin and the m3u playlist plugins.

Change log

MPD 0.19 released

Music Player Daemon 0.19 has been released.

There is a large number of improvements and new features. Some of the major ones:

  • access NFS or SMB/CIFS servers as music_directory (in userspace, without having to mount them)
  • the proxy database plugin forwards idle events and update commands
  • database compression with gzip
  • native DSD playback
  • DSD512 and multi-channel DSD support
  • new mp3 encoder plugin using libshine
  • new resampler using libsoxr
  • various power consumption and latency optimizations

As usual, a more detailed list of changes can be found in the NEWS file:

Change log

MPD 0.18.16 released

Music Player Daemon 0.18.16 has been released.

It fixes a DSD breakage due to a typo in the previous release.

Change log

MPD 0.18.15 released

Music Player Daemon 0.18.15 has been released.

It fixes a problem with large command lists, fixes an old breakage of the MixRamp feature, and works around a build failure on NetBSD.

Change log

MPD 0.18.14 released

Music Player Daemon 0.18.14 has been released.

It fixes a crash bug with ffmpeg/libav version 11, two more crash bugs related to seeking, and a range parser bug on certain 32 bit architectures (such as ARM).

Change log

MPD 0.18.13 released

Music Player Daemon 0.18.13 has been released.

It fixes several DSD playback bugs, a bug in the periodic state file saver and a bug in the seekcur protocol command.

Change log

MPD 0.18.12 released

Music Player Daemon 0.18.12 has been released.

It fixes two build failures with the proxy database plugins and improves stream playback with the decoder plugins audiofile, dsdiff, dsf, faad and sndfile. Two improvements to the “random” mode ensure that the first and second song being played are really random.

Change log

ncmpc 0.24 released

ncmpc 0.24 has been released. It fixes a crash when using the “jump” feature (hotkey “.”). Change log

ncmpc 0.23 released

ncmpc 0.23 has been released. The tarball contains the PO files that were missing in the previous release. Change log

ncmpc 0.22 released

mpc 0.26 released

mpc 0.26 has been released. It fixes a crash when adding absolute paths. The playlist command can now show the contents of stored playlists. The search command supports --format.

Change log

MPD 0.18.11 released

Music Player Daemon 0.18.11 has been released.

It fixes a race condition on non-Linux operating systems, disturbing the database update and more. The opus decoder plugin now properly recognizes song durations on high-latency files.

Change log

MPD 0.18.10 released

Music Player Daemon 0.18.10 has been released.

It fixes several minor bugs in the decoder plugins ffmpeg, gme and sndfile. Playback doesn’t get interrupted anymore when the current song gets deleted.

Change log

MPD 0.18.9 released

Music Player Daemon 0.18.9 has been released.

It improves the previous workaround for the Raspberry Pi audio driver bug, eliminating noise during song change. Child processes launched by the “pipe” output plugin no longer ignore signals. Several build failures have been fixed.

Change log

MPD on Android

Music Player Daemon is finally being ported to Android! A first preview for the brave has been uploaded to Google Play.

At this early stage of development, the app is not particularly useful. There is no user interface, the service is not well integrated into the Android operating system, and all it can do is play HTTP streams (MP3, Vorbis, Opus, FLAC). Stay tuned for updates!

MPD 0.18.8 released

Music Player Daemon 0.18.8 has been released.

It improves the Icy metadata parser, adds support for libav v10_alpha2 API changes and fixes two build failures: one with the Vorbis encoder and another one on Solaris.

Change log

MPD 0.18.7 released

Music Player Daemon 0.18.7 has been released.

It fixes a crash in the pls playlist plugin and a memory leak in the faad decoder plugin. Supplementary groups are only initalized when MPD is started by user root.

Change log

MPD 0.18.6 released

Music Player Daemon 0.18.6 has been released.

It fixes various minor bugs, one build failure with uClibc and two build failures on Mac OS X.

Change log

MPD 0.18.5 released

Music Player Daemon 0.18.5 has been released.

It fixes more byte order bugs and build failures. The “curl” input plugin now works around a libcurl bug that was fixed in version 7.32.0. A clipping bug with resampling 24 bit audio was fixed. The “proxy” database plugin has learned to forward the “db_update” attribute.

Change log

MPD 0.18.4 released

Music Player Daemon 0.18.4 has been released.

It fixes a byte order bug in the dsdiff decoder plugin and a few build failures. In particular, it is now possible to build MPD with libc++.

Change log

mpc 0.25 released

mpc 0.25 has been released. It fixes a problem with the insert command and optimizes the tab completion commands.

Change log

MPD 0.18.3 released

Music Player Daemon 0.18.3 has been released.

A nasty regression in yesterday’s 0.18.2 (revealing an old bug that was invisible for many years) made this release necessary. Sorry for the hiccup.

Change log

MPD 0.18.2 released

Music Player Daemon 0.18.2 has been released.

It fixes more bugs: properly follow HTTP redirects on radio streams, correct song order in PLS playlists, flush output buffer before handling the “close” command, big-endian support.

Change log

From now on, git tags and release tarballs will be signed with GPG key C6DB4512.

MPD 0.18.1 released

Music Player Daemon 0.18.1 has been released.

It fixes various bugs: one playback with volume normalization enabled, an ALSA endless loop, whitespace problems in the protocol parser and a few networking tweaks.

Change log

MPD 0.18 released

Music Player Daemon 0.18 has been released.

Internally, the code base has been rewritten from C99 to C++11, which improves code readability and maintainability.

Support for the Opus codec has been added, both decoder and encoder.

The protocol has been extended to allow reading arbitrary tags (e.g. Vorbis comments). “find” and “search” can be limited to a portion of the filesystem tree. The “volume” command has been re-added.

Library dependencies have been updated. Various obsolete plugins have been removed (e.g. soup, mp4ff, ffado).

Countless small improvements: turn off timer wakeups while idle to reduce battery usage; MPD is no longer unresponsive while waiting for a stream; improved error reporting; and so on.

Change log

libmpdclient 2.9 and mpc 0.24 released

libmpdclient 2.9 has been released. It adds support for the upcoming MPD 0.18 protocol. Change log

mpc 0.24 has been released. It fixes various minor bugs and also adds support for MPD 0.18. Change log

MPD 0.17.6 released

MPD version 0.17.6 has been released. It fixes an ALSA/USB bug, a modplug build failure and two problems with stored playlists.

MPD 0.17.5 released

MPD version 0.17.5 has been released. It fixes two protocol bugs and a crash in the mikmod decoder plugin.

ncmpc 0.21 released

mpc 0.23 released

libmpdclient 2.8 released

libmpdclient 2.8 has been released. It extends support for song priorities.

MPD 0.17.4 released

MPD version 0.17.4 has been released. It fixes a few protocol bugs and problems with the ffmpeg/libav decoder plugin.

New website

The MPD website has been relaunched. Wikia has been hosting the MPD website for a few years, but Wikia turned out to be an annoying experience for many visitors. Lacking a real maintainer, the wiki grew into a confusing mess over the years, making it harder and harder to find the answer to a given problem. The goal is now to move helpful information from the old wiki to the user manual (which nobody knew it existed).

The new website is being managed with nanoc (LWN article). If you want to help, clone the git repository and send a pull request. The user manual is managed in the MPD git repository.

python-mpd2-0.5.1 released

forum re-opened yet again

The previous forum went up in flames, and for a while we had nobody willing to step up and set up a new one. No longer! A fresh new forum is now available: – the old data is gone, but signing up again takes just a minute or two.

python-mpd2-0.5.0 released

Version 0.5.0 of python-mpd2 lists improvements in support for stickers. Download it from github

Quimup 1.3.0 released

MPD-0.17.3 released

MPD-0.17.2 released

Guimup 0.3.3 released

Version 0.3.3 of Guimup mainly improves compatibility with xfce4. Downloads are available from sourceforge.

python-mpd2 released

python-mpd2 version 0.4.3 has been released. Some bugs are fixed and it supports the commands of the latest mpd version. Changelog

MPD-0.17 released

MPD Version 0.17 has been released.

Guimup 0.3.2 released

Version 0.3.2 of Guimup is a bugfix release. The source code and amd64/i386 DEB packages are available from sourceforge. See for a full changelog.

MPD update released

MPD version 0.16.8 has been released. Minor bugfixes, most likely the end of the line for the 0.16.x releases.

python-mpd2 released

python-mpd2 version 0.4.0 has been released. python-mpd2 is a backward compatible fork of python-mpd.

ncmpc-0.20 released

MPD, mpc and libmpdclient released

A new release of MPD, mpc and libmpdclient have been released, for the changes see the applicable pages.

Guimup 0.3.1 released

Version 0.3.1 of Guimup is a bugfix release. The source code and amd64/i386 DEB packages are available from sourceforge. See for a full changelog.

Guimup 0.3.0 released

Guimup version 0.3.0 was completely rewritten for Gnome 3 and takes advantage of new MPD 0.16 features. See for a full changelog.

MPD update released

MPD version 0.16.6 has been released. This release fixes win32 building, adds better error messages and other miscellaneous stability bug fixes.

libmpdclient update released

libmpdclient version 2.6 has been released, adding support for song priorities.

MPD 0.16.5 released

MPD version 0.16.5 has been released bringing more stable changes and a systemd file. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

MPD 0.16.4 for Windows released

MPD 0.16.4 released

MPD version 0.16.4 has been released bringing many stable changes, all users are urged to upgrade.

Forum reopened

The official mpd forum is once again available, with new tricks in place to prevent a spamfest like last time. So, if you want to talk about mpd or ask (or even answer) questions, you are welcome to join us on the forum.

Latest mpd/ffmpeg issues

Lately a change in ffmpeg introduced crashing issues in mpd. This issue has been fixed in ffmpeg and also mpd now has a fix to handle broken ffmpeg installations, so please update both. If you cannot update for any reason, you can disable ffmpeg in mpd.conf by adding “decoder { plugin “ffmpeg” enabled “no” }”.

ncmpc-0.19 released

ncmpc version 0.19 has been released. This release includes bugfixes and translation updates.