Commercial Products running MPD

Quite a few commercial audio hardware vendors have chosen MPD as a backend engine for their products.

MPD is free software distributed under the terms of the GPL (just like the Linux kernel, for example). It is allowed to sell commercial products with MPD, and with the source code being available, you can tailor it to your needs. But you must obey the GPL.

The most important part is: you must provide the source code of all GPL components in your product.

This implies that all of your MPD modifications/patches must be freely available. If you believe that your patches should be exclusive to your product, keep in mind that your product is already standing on the giant shoulders of hundreds of other people who made MPD what it is today. Be part of the community, and don’t fight against it.

The GPL also implies that you must not use any proprietary libraries. No MQA (fortunately), for example.

For more information, consult the GPL FAQ or your lawyer. IANAL.

If you disagree with the above, please don’t use MPD, Linux or anything else under the GPL. Or else we’ll meet in court.

If you need advice or assistance with integrating MPD in your product, contact me:

List of Products

This is a list of commercial products known to be based on MPD. This is not a recommendation to buy those products. This is mostly raw data, and you should make up your mind.

ProductMPD versionPatchesSource code
Aurender A10 0.16 pre-alpha DSD, Tidal, Qobuz, ... (obsolete) mpd.tar.gz and wimp.tar.gz
B.M.C. PureMedia ? ? Not yet requested
Bryston 0.15.12, 0.16.7, 0.19.12 ? Not yet requested
Chord Poly 0.20.20 none
Diesis Audio Neptune 0.20.11 none Not yet requested
Cary Audio DMS-500/600 0.21 pre-alpha mpd-caryaudio-aios-20200210.tar.gz, mpd-caryaudio-600-20200210.tar.gz
Euphony 0.20.6 allegedly none Written offer, but never received source code after my request
EasyMPD ? ? Not yet requested
IDEON audio eos Stream ? ? Not yet requested
Plexamp 0.21 pre-alpha FFT spectrum analyzer, output latency
Sonore Sonicorbiter ? (MQA allegedly via ALSA plugin and pipe to MQA daemon process, circumventing the GPL) Not yet requested
SOtM Audio sMS-200 0.19.14 Jurgen Kramer's DSD patch (rejected) mpd-0.19.14-4.fc22.src.rpm
totaldac d1-server 0.17.6 ("it sounds better") ? Not yet requested

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