libmpdclient  2.17
recv.h File Reference

MPD client library. More...

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mpd_malloc struct mpd_pairmpd_recv_pair (struct mpd_connection *connection)
mpd_malloc struct mpd_pairmpd_recv_pair_named (struct mpd_connection *connection, const char *name)
void mpd_return_pair (struct mpd_connection *connection, struct mpd_pair *pair)
void mpd_enqueue_pair (struct mpd_connection *connection, struct mpd_pair *pair)

Detailed Description

MPD client library.

Receiving response lines from MPD.

Do not include this header directly. Use mpd/client.h instead.

Definition in file recv.h.

Function Documentation

◆ mpd_recv_pair()

mpd_malloc struct mpd_pair* mpd_recv_pair ( struct mpd_connection connection)

Reads the next mpd_pair from the server. Returns NULL if there are no more pairs.

The caller must dispose the pair with either mpd_return_pair() or mpd_enqueue_pair().

◆ mpd_recv_pair_named()

mpd_malloc struct mpd_pair* mpd_recv_pair_named ( struct mpd_connection connection,
const char *  name 

Same as mpd_recv_pair(), but discards all pairs not matching the specified name.

◆ mpd_return_pair()

void mpd_return_pair ( struct mpd_connection connection,
struct mpd_pair pair 

Indicates that the pair object is not needed anymore, and can be freed. You must free the previous mpd_pair object before calling mpd_recv_pair() again.

◆ mpd_enqueue_pair()

void mpd_enqueue_pair ( struct mpd_connection connection,
struct mpd_pair pair 

Unreads a mpd_pair. You may unread only the one pair you just got from mpd_recv_pair(). Unreading the "NULL" pair is allowed, to allow you to call mpd_recv_pair() again at the end of a response.