MPD 0.20.17, mpc 0.29, libmpdclient 2.14 released

Music Player Daemon 0.20.17 has been released. A crash bug in the ALSA output and a rounding error in the ALSA mixer plugin has been fixed. Real-time scheduling with Musl has been fixed. The Android builds are now compatible with Android version 4.0. Change log

mpc 0.29 has been released. Build with recent C compilers (GCC 7 and clang 4.0) has been fixed. There is now the --format directive “%prio”. The default format falls back to “performer” if there is no “artist” tag. The outputs command now prints attributes. mpc now uses Meson/ninja instead of autotools to build. Change log

libmpdclient 2.14 has been released. It can receive output attributes (MPD 0.21) and has improved support for local and abstract sockets. Change log